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About Us

What We Play

We primarily play PvE, Co-Op and Singleplayer games however there are some games we do play that are PvP. These are structured PvP games such as PR, Squad and Red Orchestra 2.

Who We Are

We at JTG are a group of players who enjoy structured gaming from our hosted operations in Arma III to comedic moments of failure in Insurgency. 

Any questions or wish to join us?

What We Look For

Like all gaming communities, we have our own rules and restrictions. We do not allow anyone under the age of 16 and all members must be able to speak English. We also require anyone interested in joining to be mature and be able to take jokes.

Our Hosted Games

We also plan to host other games such as...

Good Old Arma 2, Ground Branch and more

Our Current list of hosted games are...

Arma 3, Project Reality, Red Orchestra 2, Day Of Infamy and soon Killing Floor 2

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Our Server Rig

We currently rent a single server. It uses an 8 core HT Intel CPU, 8GB RAM with 800GB of storage. We plan to upgrade this in the future to allow better server quality and uptime