Project Reality Co-Op Server

About our Server

Our own PvE Co-operative Server

We host a 40 player (48 bot) PvE server

Mumble Communication

Mumble is enabled and encouraged on the server for greater teamplay

We listen to the players

Got any feedback, suggestions or complaints? Please post them here on the PR forums

Never The Same Twice (Almost...)

PR PvE likes to crash, and when it does there is nothing worse than repeating the same map over and over again. So, with clever scripting, each time the server goes down, the maplist shuffles. This means maps that rarely see the light of day have a chance to be played!

What is Project Reality?

PR is a Battlefield 2 mod which makes it more enjoyable and also, still active

PR Download Link

Due to being asked often (nobody seems to have google) the link to download is here